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Newbuildings Primary School, 83 Victoria Road, Londonderry

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Amy walker - 16th Oct 2017
I love p7 it is fun we work hard it is nice to be able to help out in school I love this website it is great for parents to see what we do in schoolπŸ—‚πŸ“‚πŸ—’πŸ“šπŸ“’
jenny - 29th Jun 2017
Hello its Jenny I think this website is helpful for parents to see what we are doing and trying to achieve!
Molly - 29th Jun 2017
Hi it is Molly this website is great because when you are at home you can show your parents what you do in class!
taylor - 29th Jun 2017

it is taylor i cannot  wait to go in p7

darcy mcivor - 21st Nov 2016
Ellie - 19th Nov 2016
Hi it's ellie the website is great
Rebekah - 17th Nov 2016
Hi it is rebekah this is a really good website easy to use.
Ella - 16th Nov 2016
I enjoyed doing the posters on cyber bullying
Calvin campbell - 16th Nov 2016
Hello it's me Calvin, the school website is good.
Rachel - 16th Nov 2016
Hi I'm Rachel website is great I loved watching our Chinese multiplication
Adam Mcivor - 16th Nov 2016
this website is great
Dayne - 16th Nov 2016
Yo it's me Dayne this is my homework lol.
Sophie mcivor - 20th Sep 2016
Orlaith Meenan - 13th Jun 2016
Would love to take this opportunity on behalf of Derry City Football Club to thank Newbuildings Primary School for allowing Kenny Shiels & myself to come into the School.

Brilliant schools and even better pupils!!
Tamas Garofita - 21st Nov 2015
Hello, I am Garofita from Romania.
Last year I was in your school and I felt so good.
Thank you !
Wish you the best and Merry Christmas !
Sally Neely - 16th Nov 2015
i love this new website everyday when I come back from school I take a look to see what is up its great.
Mrs McGowan - 29th Sep 2015
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