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Paws b helping P7C 😊

25th Nov 2021

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to share some more of the things we have learnt with everyone else because we feel so lucky to be able to have Sheena from Pawsb in to talk to us every Thursday.

We have learnt so much more about the brain since last time. We have moved on to looking at the amygdala and insula. This week it was particularly interesting to learn about the flight,fight and freeze response! We discussed how our brains really are amazing. There is so much going on in there that sometimes it is no surprise that we may feel overwhelmed. With the help of Sheena we have discovered lots of different ways about how we can respond to these feelings and take a pause.

Thank you so much Sheena for giving us all this helpful information that can help us in our daily lives. We really enjoyed FOFBOC ( Feet On Floor Back On Chair) and petal breathing. ☺️ We have also taken the time to do some of these exercises in class so we could feedback to Sheena.

P7C ⭐️